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All OTPS in one place! ヾ( ´∀`)ノ

I was thinking an AU where they’re all goes into the same university (although different classes). Kagami, Grimmjow, and Sousuke were roommates, while Aomine, Ichigo, and Makoto were also roommates but in a different floor (college’s dorm).

While Kagami became Grimmjow’s and Sousuke’s “mama” because he was the one who can manage the household, Makoto became “Mamakoto” for Ichigo and Aomine.

They goes along pretty well, I guess. Though Kagami, Aomine, Grimmjow, and Ichigo always have something to argue. Whereas, Makoto and Sousuke just sat together, ignoring all the ruckus, and just enjoying each others company.

And then goes a courage test. Because… summer ♥

They took a photo outside a shrine, a moment before the test (using a rock as camera’s footing). Too bad Kagami and Aomine experiencing the horror first, and while Aomine still man up to the test after that although he’s shaking badly, Kagami was crying and didn’t want anything except going home. Even Aomine’s taunt went into a deaf ears.

And Makoto passed out after he saw the photo.

In short, the courage test was cancelled.

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